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ciclotoscana (storia di instagram) (logo)-3

Your Dream Come True. 

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Tuscany: the magical location for your next eco-friendly e-bike tour, among the world's most famous cypress trees and vineyards.

We are the first to organize e-bike tours based on unforgettable outdoor experiences:

Meditation and Yoga under ancient olive trees,  Team Building with Certified Coaches and Trainers, painting classes and Italian cooking classes with Locals:

you choose, you fun.

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Unleash your desire for Tuscany with our fantastic tours at a special discount in collaboration with

La Schiacciateria de'Neri!.

Certified Bike Guides


Our Guides are Certified and possess a high level of expertise to ensure your maximum safety and enjoyment.

International Mood


We have accompanied more than 300 people to the best places in Tuscany. Our guides speak English, Spanish, Catalan, and Italian. (Additional languages will be available soon).

You will Paint


Are you ready to become the new Botticelli? Thanks to our collaborations, during the tour we will stop in picturesque locations where you can try your hand at painting with professional artists. And the artwork will be yours, forever.

Customer First


Our philosophy is based on the utmost care towards the customer. Each guide is trained in Customer Experience and, crucially but not taken for granted, loves deeply their own work, turning it into a true passion.

Mixing Poetry and Work.


Your Fun is Deserved, We make it Unique.

CicloToscana is not just a bike tour: it offers

a world of Top-Level additional services with the best

restaurants and wineries selected for you in the area.